The Opening Titles are about our main character’s journey, passing from a dark time in his life without balance and aimless until the colourful and bright Jeepney Race, where he is doing something creative and fulfilling bringing back his zest for life.

You can also see this journey in the film’s Art Direction, starting with a limited colour pallet and ending with a colourful explosion of ingredients.
Nothing makes us Cookies happier than creativity and flavour!

Music + Sound FX

Thanks @josiebrown__ @silkeylondon @thiagomaia @rafaelarame @mandujr @panic.and.o @dilangama @pikifarelli @rotenapels @felipediascg @bxftys @artdougferreira @cookie_studio​​​​​​​
@graphikamanila 2023 Opening Titles.
I composed and animated some background scenes and final logo to Open Titles.

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